Simply Me – Part 2

Simply Me—Part 2

Posted by Rochelle Armstrong | January 29, 2021 | Leading Authentically

It’s been a few days since my last post: Simply Me. I wish I could tell you that I finished the previous few actions to publish my business page on Facebook. On the contrary, I deviated from Facebook and the YouTube channel and went back to Instagram to add a business page. Are you starting to notice a pattern with me? If not, let me share. When faced with doing something that I don’t want to do, I procrastinate. But as an executor, to do nothing isn’t an option. Therefore, I leave the undesired task unfinished and move on to something else that gives me a sense of productivity.

You may be curious to know what else was going on in my mind during this lag time. Glad you asked. I’ve had a conversation or two with myself, my oldest daughter, and a good friend about my reluctance to launch my business and promote my new book on social media. A few theories caught my attention. Even if I disagreed, the points made are worth taking into consideration. Would you like to explore them with me?

Given that there was a time that I had a Facebook page and actively engaged, one person asked, “do you think that something negative happened and you’re afraid it will be triggered?” That’s a thought. If so, the specific incident doesn’t come to mind. I remained silent and chose not to affirm or deny. On another day, I spoke with two different people at two other times, and when I brought up the topic, they both gave the same response, “I can’t blame you for not wanting to be on social media—that’s why I don’t have an account. People are too messy.” I thought, “they have a point.”

Surprisingly, everything came full circle when a family member who had already commented on the profile picture I uploaded a few weeks ago wanted to talk about it at full length again. Ha. Could that “feeling” be the culprit? You know the feeling I’m talking about, don’t you? You upload what you think is an unpretentious photo or make an uncomplicated post, and you find yourself gasping for air as you drown in a sea of “whys.”

The book that I will be releasing soon is Simply Complex: Leading Out of Authenticity. The name of the company that I will be launching any day now is Rochelle Armstrong: Leading Out of Authenticity. But don’t be deceived by the titles, more specifically the word authenticity.

If you think that my focus is all about how authentic I am, I’m sorry to disappoint. Adversely, I use twelve pillars, including but not limited to my DNA, environment, and self-worth, to name a few, that contributed to me creating personas to be accepted and survive. However, after years of trying to be what others expected me to be, I took my power back! I use the twelve pillars that once crippled me as the foundation I need to unmask my persona(s) and grace the world with the best of me—my authentic self, and I’m challenging YOU to do the same.

I guess you’re still wondering what I’m going to do about this whole social media thing, huh? Yeah—me too? Signing off for now, Simply Me—Part 2.

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