Simply Unashamed

Simply Unashamed Rochelle Armstrong | April 7, 2021, | Leading Authentically If you’re a survivor of any kind, this message is for you. I spent most of my life silent or silenced out of shame. Have you ever been so ashamed about something that happened to you that you kept quiet because you didn’t want … Read more

Simply I’m Good

Simply I’m Good Posted by Rochelle Armstrong | March 7, 2021 | Leading Authentically Have you ever reached out to check on someone who is sick, going through a breakup, experiencing the loss of a loved one, terminated from their job, or you sincerely want to know how they’re doing, and they respond, “I’m good?” … Read more

Simply You

Simply You  Posted by Rochelle Armstrong | February 12, 2021 | Leading Authentically Now that you know a little more about me. I want to get to know you. What made you plug into social media, and what keeps you coming back? What is your level of involvement—do you write a daily post, create videos, … Read more

Simply Me – Part 2

Simply Me—Part 2 Posted by Rochelle Armstrong | January 29, 2021 | Leading Authentically It’s been a few days since my last post: Simply Me. I wish I could tell you that I finished the previous few actions to publish my business page on Facebook. On the contrary, I deviated from Facebook and the YouTube … Read more

Simply Me

Simply Me Posted by Rochelle Armstrong | January 26, 2021 | Leading Authentically Why is it that the thought of social media frightens me? Maybe writing a post, creating videos, and going live makes you light up, but it’s intimidating to me. Reluctantly, over the past few weeks, I set up an account on Instagram … Read more